Announcing MegaCon Minis

After MegaCon, the team sat down and tried to work out what we wanted to do next. We weren’t ready to stop bringing together the megagaming community for thoughtful, inventive and fun events. And we certainly weren’t willing to wait a full year for MegaCon 2.

And so, MegaCon Minis were created!

These bi-monthly (for now, at least) events are one hour long and will come in a couple of different formats:

  • Mini Panels – where a few different minds will come together on a topic of interest to the megagaming community
  • Mini Talks – where two speakers will each present for around 20 minutes each on connected topics, followed by Q&A

We have a bunch of exciting projects in the pipeline, but right now we’re ready to announce the first event, taking place on Sunday 9th May at 20:00 (UTC+1): a Play-by-Email Mini Panel. For full details on this event, click here.

You might also want to block off the same time on Sunday 11th July and Sunday 12th September in your diary…

What is a megagame?

This topic is hotly debated, and we’re certainly not going to try to settle it ourselves.

What we can tell you is, the megagames at MegaCon are 25-100 player day-long gaming events that involve aspects of board gaming, war gaming and role-playing.

If you’ve never attended a megagame before, this video will give you some idea what to expect: