You can find the main MegaCon server here.

MegaCon run online events for the international megagaming community. They work with game designers to run megagames or playtests. They also welcome thought leaders and expert speakers to host seminars, panels and workshops.

MegaCon took place for the first time in March 2021, featuring megagames, playtests, seminars, panels, podcasts and workshops. It returned for a second year in 2022.

In the months between the main Cons, they run “MegaCon Minis”: hour long panels or talks about an aspect of megagaming, with expert guests.


The headline sponsor for MegaCon is the Megagame Assembly.

The Megagame Assembly website is the hub of the megagaming hobby, featuring a global events calendar, regular podcast and blog, and free resources for designers.

MegaCon is also sponsored by BeckyBecky Blogs and Mr Megagame, two high-profile content creators in the megagaming hobby.

MegaCon Organisers

MegaCon is organised by:

Chris Brown

Chris loves playing megagames and helped set up to share megagame related content with the world. Chris is often described as stubborn and odd by his friends: terms of endearment that he wears as badges of honour.

Becky “BeckyBecky” Campbell-Ladley

Becky designed the hugely successful Everybody Dies and Trope High megagames.

She is also a prolific megagaming blogger and streamer at BeckyBecky Blogs and authored 7 Habits of Highly Effective Megagamers.

Ed Silverstone

Ed co-founded Reading Megagames in the UK and has probably helped to control at over 95% of the online megagames run during the pandemic. A thoughtful megagame player, Ed is the perfect person to help organise MegaCon.