Sunday 10th October
20:00 – 21:00 (UTC+1)

Panellists: Peter Nixon (Megagame Coalition), Noah Allington (Michigan Megagames)

Hosted by: BeckyBecky Campbell-Ladley (BeckyBecky Blogs)

Our next MegaCon Mini looks at the experience of running megagames at gaming conventions.

Chaired by MegaCon’s own BeckyBecky, we’ll be bringing together several convention megagame experts:

Conventions can be a great way to put the megagaming hobby in front of thousands more potential players. But they also come with their own challenges: the opportunity for pre-game briefing is often shorter, players may be more distracted, and then there are the logistical concerns! But conventions are already bouncing back post-Covid, with Gen Con having taken place in September, and the megagaming community can definitely benefit if we get cons right.

Our panellists have run games at various cons, including the massive Gen Con and more local and regional cons.