Saturday 5th February
21:30 – 22:15 GMT

Speaker: Dr Alan Tsang (Carleton University)

Tickets: MegaCon ticket

The talk will examine the setup and format of week-long megagames, conducted as part of a senior level university course. Alan will talk about lessons and challenges from the games, and tools to facilitate megagames online.

Join us as we talk about how these games are setup and how they went. We will also go over some of the lessons and challenges from these games. We will also present some new digitals tools that can be used to help run your own megagames in an online format!

About the speaker

In 2021, Professor Alan Tsang adopted megagames in his online classrooms for a senior-level university course.

Attending the seminar

To attend, you will need to purchase a MegaCon ticket. The seminar will take place in Zoom and a link will be provided to all sessions within the MegaCon Discord.