Saturday 5th February
15:30 – 16:15 GMT

Speakers: Chris Brown and BeckyBecky Campbell-Ladley

Tickets: MegaCon ticket

Designing a game is one challenge – getting people to come along is something else entirely!

Many megagame designers rely exclusively on tapping into existing megagame networks and Facebook groups to get the word out. This talk will look at the other channels game runners can use to promote their game, how to get your messaging right, and share some top tips for getting your game noticed – both by megagame enthusiasts and those new to the hobby.

About the speakers

Chris’ first megagame was Watch The Skies 4 in 2016 and he’s been hooked on megagames and the megagame community ever since. Chris can generally be found at a megagame causing havoc for himself more than anyone else, but it’s the way he likes it. Chris is an IT professional in his work life, but don’t let that mild-mannered persona fool you as he’d happily nuke you in an instant at a game. He is part of the team behind Megagame Assembly and is also a designer for First Contact: 2035.

BeckyBecky Campbell-Ladley is a professional marketer who ran her own social media consultancy for 5 years, and now works in higher education marketing. She is the narrative-focused designer of Everybody Dies (the Game of Thrones inspired megagame) and Trope High (the kooky American High School megagame), and she blogs voraciously at BeckyBecky Blogs.

Attending the seminar

To attend, you will need to purchase a MegaCon ticket. The seminar will take place in Zoom and a link will be provided to all sessions within the MegaCon Discord.