Saturday 20th March
13:00 – 14:00 GMT

Speaker: Alasdair Rutherford & Dr Vikki McCall

Tickets needed: MegaCon ticket

In Spring 2018, a group led by Dr Vikki McCall at the University of Stirling held a series of events with practitioners, older adults and policy makers from Scotland, England and Wales to consider challenges in housing and ageing over the coming decade. We used a megagame-style bespoke ‘serious game’ called Hopetown, designed by Jim Wallman of Stone Paper Scissors, to engage a diverse group of people in thinking creatively about the challenges in delivering housing for ageing, and how they might be overcome.

In this session we will describe the game and discuss how it was effective in producing a creative and participatory approach to identify challenges and explore potential solutions. We will reflect on the role of serious games in this megagame style both as a research tool and as a way to engage diverse viewpoints from a broad audience in a collaborative process. We will talk about our future plans for using this game (including perhaps running it as a megagame!) to explore the issues further, and would welcome the views and suggestions of the megagame community.

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