Saturday 20th March
14:00 – 16:00 GMT

Speaker: Jim Wallman (Stone Paper Scissors)

Tickets needed: MegaCon ticket

Megagames are brilliant one-off events where we often build a memorable experience of collective storytelling. In fact, one of the most important outputs from a megagame are the anecdotes told and re-told down the pub not just after the game, but whenever megagamers are gathered together. Over the years there have been many calls for sequel (or legacy) megagames, where the players get to see how the stories they started in their first game turn out over time.  And Jim has run a few himself, with varying degrees of success over the years. But there are some elephant traps and things that designers need to take into account when designing a legacy megagame that don’t appear so much in the conventional game. This session is intended as a very short workshop on creating legacy megagames.

If time permits, Jim hopes to be able to involve participants in actually doing some creative thinking on the subject rather than just sitting through a talk.

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