Saturday 20th March
21:00 – 22:00 GMT

Speakers: Matt Bambridge with Johan Olofsson (Mr Megagame and Gothenburg Megagames)

Tickets needed: MegaCon ticket

Mr Megagame returns for the post megagame interview that he trailed previously on his Twitch channel. In this interview, Mr Megagame will chat with Johan Soh Olofsson from Gothenburg Megagames about Watch The Skies: Lockdown. Listen in to this live podcast to hear about the crazy plays the players came up with, what didn’t go exactly as planned and what Johan would change for the next run, if anything.

Mr Megagame loves engaging with the audience so bring your questions with you and a collection will be submitted to Johan to answer.

Signing Up

To join us for Interview with Mr Megagame, you will need to purchase a MegaCon ticket.