Sunday 6th February
20:00 – 00:00 GMT

Game designer: Ben Kanelos

Centuries of war between the factions of the Elpor Basin has finally ended. With the Elporia Pact signed, there is finally a chance for peace! Now comes the hard part… Building a unified Kingdom from the ruins of war while working alongside your rivals whom you were fighting with until recently.

Do you enjoy councils and lore creation? If so, the Councils of Elporia (formerly As Thou Commands) is the megagame for you! This megagame is a rules-light system where the players generate and run a province in a fantasy kingdom. Play alternates between drafting narrative elements and participating in council sessions where players negotiate the outcomes to the thorny issues bedeviling the Kingdom.

This game requires:

  • Access to a computer or laptop for the duration
  • A microphone connected and installed on said computer
  • A reliable internet connection

The game will make use of Miro and Discord for voice communication.

Signing up

To take part, you will need to purchase a MegaCon ticket as well as a free Councils of Elporia playtest ticket.

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