Sunday 21st March
20:00 – 21:30 GMT

Game designer: Peter Nixon

Held during: MegaCon 2021

Numquam Retro is an operational megagame of the Italian Front in World War I, a front characterized by its carnage, logistical complexity, tactical blundering, and its ultimate futility. While all these elements will be explored in this megagame, the futility of the conflict will be the design’s main focus, which makes it tonally and mechanically unique (as far as the designer is aware).  

This playtest session will outline the umbrella systems of the megagame (Home Front System(s), Logistics System), the unique and relatively simple (e.g. limited player choices) Battle System, and at last, dive into the most unique part of the game, the Morale System. Playtesters will run through one round of the battle system and be invited to stay for a roundtable discussion about the design in general.