Sunday 12th February
15:00 – 15:45 GMT

Panellists: Maggie Dunbar, Steph Rothman and Stu Hall

Maggie, Steph and Stu – all three members of OMEGA’s Steering Committee and two co-hosts of the Control Panel podcast – are here to chat with you about play by email games! OMEGA has been experimenting with this format for about 2 years now, and games run under their banner have gone through a lot of changes since its inception.

This panel is designed around briefly discussing what a play by email game is, before focusing on their history and changes, “expert tips” for players, and game design. The host for this panel is Chris Brown (Megagame Assembly, Very Large Huge Games).

Attending the seminar

MegaCon 2023 is free of change. The seminar will take place in Zoom and a link will be provided to all sessions within the MegaCon Discord.

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