Sunday 21st March
12:00 – 13:00 GMT

Speakers: Ed Silverstone with guests (Reading Megagames)

Filmed during: MegaCon 2021

Is it possible to design a megagame in an hour? Probably not, but they gave it a try!

Ed Silverstone of Reading Megagames chaired a panel of experienced designers who took your prompts and work to build them into a megagame. This intense and chaotic event is perfect for anyone interested in designing a megagame, or just gaining more insight into the design process.

Ed is joined by Alex Beck (Horizon Megagames; Crisis in Elysium, Mirrorshades, Mansions of Madness), John Keyworth (Relics of the Fall, Ur: The Nexus City) and John Mizon (SW Megagames; the hit Den of Wolves).