Saturday 5th February
17:00 – 23:00 GMT

Online adaption: Dan White, OMEGA

Game designer: Zane Gunton, Diversionary Games

Funny how no one really thinks about what comes next.

Something happened, and the world turned upside-down. No one really knows what it was, this event – you could go mad speculating, and I know a few people who did. One or two others went looking for answers… we never saw them again. Good people, the kind we couldn’t afford to lose… but it ate them up. What does it matter, here in the aftermath?

The Event happened, and maybe one in a thousand survived. What is important? You were one of them, and so were the people around you. Maybe they’re friends and family, maybe they’re just people that circumstances threw you together with…it doesn’t matter what came before. When you needed them, they were there for you. Together, you did what you had to in order to survive. But before it had even really begun, before anyone knew what was happening, the winter storms hit. Sub-zero temperatures, driving snows… all anyone could do was hunker down and take shelter. There was no time to prepare – but plenty of time to hope and pray. To chew through whatever rations were left, make bitter jokes about global warming, and try to wait it out.

Now it’s spring, everyone who’s left – yourselves included – has realised they’ve got their work cut out if they intend to see out the year.

Signing up

To take part, you will need to purchase a MegaCon ticket as well as an Aftermath megagame ticket.

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