Saturday 20th March
20:00 – 21:00 GMT

Speakers: Matt Bambridge with guests (Mr Megagame)

Filmed during: MegaCon 2021

The Equality Act (2010) considers any long term condition that has a substantial impact on the person to be a disability. How aware are we that the majority of those disabilities are unseen? In this panel we will talk about unseen accessibility issues in megagames, and how we can make accommodations to make megagames an open environment for all.

Matt Bambridge aka Mr Megagame will be chairing the panel. He has dyslexia and has suffered from depression at various points in his life, so brings some personal experience to the panel.

Join Mr Megagame and guests Becky Campbell-Ladley, Jen Steel and Thom Kirkwood for an open conversation around the unseen issues that can affect accessibility in Megagames, and some suggestions around how we can make them more accessible for everyone.