Mini Talk: Megagames Online

Sunday 18th July
20:00 – 21:00 (UTC+1)

Speakers: Kurt LaRue (Splintered Realities), Joe Morris (British Civil Service Wargaming Network)

Tickets: unticketed, free attendance in the MegaCon Discord server

Our second MegaCon Mini looks at the biggest growing megagaming trend of the past year – online megagames!

Kurt LaRue of Splintered Realities will be speaking about his experience of running the ever popular Den of Wolves online after the pandemic struck.

Our second speaker, Joe Morris, works for the British Civil Service and takes part in their Wargaming Network. He will talk about the technical implementation of Discord bots and how they’ve helped run games he’s be involved with.

Afterwards, MegaCon’s BeckyBecky will host a short Q&A for both speakers, so make sure to turn up with plenty of questions about running online megagames. As always, #the-pub in the MegaCon Discord server will be open after the event for further discussion.

Signing up

This event is unticketed. To take part, simply join the MegaCon Discord server. The event will take place in the Function Room voice channel.

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Mini Panel: Play-by-email (PbEM)

Sunday 9th May
20:00 – 21:00 (UTC+1)

Panellists: Rob Grayston, John Keyworth, Stuart Martyn

Hosted by: Matt Bambridge (Mr Megagame)

Introducing MegaCon Minis! These free hour-long events are designed to tide you through the year until the next MegaCon, while providing key insights and megagaming ideas to the community as a whole.

Our first MegaCon Mini will be chaired by MegaCon’s own Matt Bambridge (Mr Megagame) and features some of the biggest names in the hot Play-by-email (PbEM) trend:

  • Rob Grayston, designer of Project Morana
  • John Keyworth, designer of Ur
  • Stuart Martyn, designer of Afterlife