Q: Where will MegaCon be hosted?

A: MegaCon is hosted on the MegaCon Discord server. Special areas for the event to take place will be created closer to the event date.

Once you join the server, you will need to accept the server rules. You will then need to wait for us to confirm your ticket purchase in order to grant you access to the Con parts of the server.

We’ll be using the Discord username that you supplied when you signed up to verify your ticket. If you are unsure if we have the right username(s) for you and your friends, please send an e-mail to info@megacon.org.uk.

Megagames and playtests will normally be hosted in separate Discord servers, which you will be invited to before the event date. All seminars, podcasts, workshops and panels will be run through Zoom, and links to these can be found in the Discord server.

Q: I’m signed up for one of the megagames that are due to run during MegaCon but I haven’t heard anything yet. What’s happening?

A: Don’t worry, if you have received an e-mail confirmation that you purchased a ticket for one or more of the MegaCon megagames, you will be able to play the game.

Megagame organisers normally contact players from around one month to two weeks before their game runs. When you are contacted, you can expect to receive a casting questionnaire and rules handbook(s). The casting questionnaire will enable you to let the organiser know which role(s) you are interested in playing and who you would like to play on the same team as, amongst other questions.

You should make every effort to read the rules handbook(s) before the game starts otherwise you will be at a disadvantage to know what you are supposed to do when you play the game.

Q: I’m playing in a MegaCon playtest. Will I choose which role I would like to play in advance?

A: No, this is unlikely. Playtests are more ad-hoc than megagames and depend on the number of players who attend. The playtest organiser will generally liaise with players at the beginning of the session to find out which character or role they would like to play.

If you have signed up to attend a playtest, the playtest organiser will likely contact you prior to the date to let you know how to join.

Q: I’ve been added to the waitlist for a MegaCon megagame. What happens next?

A: If a player spot becomes available on a megagame and you are next in line on the waitlist, we’ll contact you via e-mail. If you still wish to play, we’ll ask you to purchase the appropriate ticket and add you to the game.

Q: What software and hardware do I need to take part in a megagame or playtest?

A: Megagames and playtests generally, but not always, use Discord to connect all the players together. Other free technologies such as Miro boards and Google Sheets may be used by the organiser, but they will be in touch via e-mail before the game starts to confirm what application(s) you will need to have installed to play the game.

We recommend playing megagames from a desktop or laptop computer rather than a mobile device. You will need a microphone and speakers/headset for the duration of the game, and to be in a quiet area. Two players cannot take part in a megagame from the same computer.

Q: How do I join the MegaCon panels, seminars and podcasts that I’m interested in watching?

A: We will be running all the MegaCon content through Zoom and providing links and reminders via the MegaCon Discord server.

Q: I’d like to volunteer to help run MegaCon. How do I do that?

A: Please fill out the form here and let us know you would like to help out. We have volunteer spots for MegaCon Asssistants and megagame/playtest control.

Anyone who helps us out by volunteering will be given a free MegaCon ticket. Because you’re awesome. But also as a way of thanking you for helping out. PS, you are awesome.

Q: Are spaces available on any MegaCon megagames? I need to get my megagame fix!

A: Check the tickets page for each megagame to see if we still have spaces available. If not, you can join the waiting list in case there are any dropouts close to the time.

Q: What are all these e-mails you keep talking about in this FAQ? I haven’t received anything yet!

A: If you have signed up for a megagame or anything else at MegaCon and haven’t received any e-mails in the time frames we’ve laid out, we recommend you check your spam or junk folder. If you still don’t see anything, please contact us.